Strengthen the team

People with different skills and experience work together in teams. Each team member is a special personality.

Grow together and develop from a group to a team and from a team to a high performance team, thus increasing the effectiveness of teamwork.

We accompany you on this path through further training and deepening of methodological competence and / or social competence

This is your benefit in working with us

Your team works together effectively, because each team member knows the strengths and challenges of each individual and how to use them to the benefit of each other. Trust, the ability to deal with conflicts and responsibilities are valued.

Our offer:

In alignment with you we tailor the team training to your needs. We use all our competence and experience to train your team in the field of methodological and social competence. In doing so, we use the following topics, for example:

Further training and deepening of methodological competence:

  • Showing the skill set of the team / SWOT analysis of the team
  • Working as an agile, virtual team
  • Dysfunctions according to Lencioni
  • GPRI Inventory

Further training and strengthening of social competence:

  • Recognition of the personal strengths of the individual team members and thus of the entire team
  • Developing differences and similarities in communication and behavior (Insights Discovery®)
  • Working with Belbin Team Roles