Heike Marx

  • 22 years of experience in IT Industrie
  • 14 years experience in sales
  • 2009 successful graduation as trainer
  • Training language German and English

I’ve often heard:
“You need to build a relationship with your client in a spirit of partnership.”
But nobody could tell me how to do that.
It was especially difficult because many clients “ticked” so differently than me.
By combining methodical competence with social competence I became successful.

I used the year 2009 to further my education and to prepare myself for the profession of a trainer, among other things through an accreditation to Insights Discovery©.

Since 2010 I have been self-employed and pass on the experiences that have brought me success.

In 2020 I did a further education as a web-based trainer to give lessons online.

My partners are trainers who also enjoy adapting to different participants and their needs.

This is how “I” becomes a “WE”

Together to Target

This means to me:

  • To know yourself
  • To see the differences to other people as a complement
  • So that we can achieve the best result together

Insights Discovery© is the model of my choice. It combines quick understanding with great  sustainability due to a catchy language in a color model. Insights Discovery© is therefore the basis  for the strengthening of social competence.

We take these steps together:

    1. Recognize yourself
    2. Appreciate differences
    3. Recognize others
    4. Adapt to others in special situations

9 good reasons that speak for Heike Marx & Team:

Quality is an important concern for us. We check our trainings for high quality in feedback discussions with you.
Both in industry and in the training sector.
We work where you are in seminars or webinars in German or English.
You as the customer determine the content. We adapt our trainings to your needs.
In the trainings we actively involve the participants with all their questions.
We motivate the participants to question what they have learned so that it can be applied.
In our trainings nobody stays on his chair for long.
You determine the relevance of the topic by your needs.
We have a positive attitude towards all strangers and are open to new things.