Try it out: Some words, some statements fit you, some fit to your colleagues, employees or customers. Some colors resonate with you more, than others.
With Insights Discovery© we look at your behavior and what impact that has on your own development as well as on team development, customer relation and leader-member relation.

This is your benefit in working with us

You know your strengths and use them consciously and purposefully.
You know your weaknesses and how to compensate for them.
You work even better with colleagues.
You have more open, positive conversations.
You consciously act with all your uniqueness and that of others.

A strength of Insights Discovery© is the personal profile. You will fill out a questionnaire on the Internet and receive an individualized, comprehensive, personal preference profile of 18 to 30 pages.

This profile is an extremely powerful tool. Besides a chapter about personal strengths and weaknesses, you will find information about motivation, communication or management and your behavior in sales.

The profile can be the starting point for your own development and, for example, the basis for numerous team discussions.

Insights Discovery can be used in a workshop setting (online or in presence) or in individual coaching.

Insights Discovery uses a language of colors that is catchy and therefore easy to understand and remember. With Insights Discovery, you develop a terminology for the daily work with your environment, you understand team dynamics in a new way, you recognize chances and conflict potentials in dealing with others. The simple and accessible model helps you to understand, how you and others tick. You recognize differences and learn to appreciate them.

Insights Discovery speaks of four color energies. Every human being has all four color energies within her or him. The combination of these energies makes you a unique personality.

A short look at the description of the color energies:

Usually, the firey-red energy is strong-willed and focused on results. It shows itself in strong determination, which in interactions with others, gladly gives direction.

In interaction with others, the sunshine-yellow energy radiates enthusiasm and encourages others to participate. It enjoys the company of others and has a desire to get involved.

The earth-green energy puts values at the forefront of her activities. It is often in search of harmony and meaningful relationships and ensures that all opinions of a group are heard.

With the desire to understand the world around it, the cool-blue energy gathers information to logically understand things before a decision is made.